General Rules & Regulations

  • No lot, grave, crypt or niche in the Cemetery shall be used for any other purpose than a place of burial or entombment for the human dead.
  • Discharging of firearms on Cemetery grounds is prohibited, except in the case of military funerals or Memorial Day exercises.
  • All persons are prohibited from writing on, defacing or damaging any monument, fence, structure or property in or belonging to the Cemetery.
  • Pets are not permitted within the Cemetery grounds, except for service animals.
  • The speed limit for licensed vehicles in the Cemetery shall not exceed 15 mile per hour. All licensed vehicles are required to stay on the paved roadways.
  • Skateboarding and roller skating are not permitted.
  • The gates are opened at 8:00 A.M. daily. The gates close at dusk from April through October, and from November through March the gates close at 5pm.
  • All visitors to the Cemetery will observe such a line of deportment as is consistent with the solemnity of the Cemetery and the object to which it is devoted.
  • Any person disturbing the quiet and good order of the Cemetery by noise or other improper conduct or violating any of the rules will be compelled to leave the grounds.

Rules & Regulations Regarding Lots

  • Flowers may be planted in an area one foot wide around the base of the monument or flat grass marker.
  • Flowerbeds must be kept neat and properly maintained. Borders that protrude above ground level are not permitted. Flowerbeds that are not maintained will be removed by the Cemetery staff.
  • Military flag holders are permitted.
  • One dwarf evergreen shrub is permitted on either side of a double upright monument. Flowering shrubs or trees of any kind are not permitted.
  • In no case shall shrubs be placed on the corners of the lots for the purpose of designating property lines.
  • If any shrub situated in any lot shall by reason of its roots or branches or otherwise become overgrown, detrimental, dangerous or inconvenient to the adjacent lots, walks or avenues or to the maintenance of the grounds, the Cemetery reserves the right to remove the shrub(s).
  • Stone curbing, fences, plant hedges or enclosures of any sort around lots, monuments or graves are prohibited.
  • Decorations made of plastic (with the exception of artificial flowers), fabric, paper, glass, metal, ceramic, stone or wood are not permitted. Balloons and lights are not permitted. Decorative stones and marble chips are not permitted. Natural mulch and peat moss are permitted. Items deemed out of compliance will be removed by the Cemetery staff.
  • Grave digging and grading of lots, or any work of that kind, must be done by the Association and paid for by the lot owner at charges and terms submitted by the President.
  • Management must approve all monuments, markers, improvements or construction prior to installation. Please call the office to avoid mistakes.
  • No monument or flat grass marker will be permitted to be erected without a cement foundation installed by the Cemetery staff.
  • Only flat grass markers are permitted on single graves unless the upright monument is approved by the Cemetery.
  • Persons erecting monuments or making any improvements on lots must remove all obstructions and leave the ground in good condition, or it will be done by the President at the expense of the person doing the work.
  • The building of private mausoleums under proper conditions is permitted and encouraged. The Board of Trustees requires that a complete design with working plans and specifications be submitted for its approval before permission will be granted for such structures. All aspects of the construction process will be under the direction of the President.
  • In the erection of private mausoleums, a sufficient sum of money must be deposited with the Board of Trustees for the permanent care and maintenance of the same. In later years, the ravages of time prey severely upon mausoleums, and it is necessary that provisions should be made at the beginning for keeping them in perpetual repair.
  • The Trustees will not permit the erection of any structure on any lot that would be offensive or interfere with the general good effect of the grounds or obstruct the view, or cause annoyance to adjoining lot owners.
  • No certificate or deed to any lot, crypt or niche shall be issued until the purchase price is paid in full. The Cemetery requires one-third down and the balance paid within 24 months for pre-need purchases. Interment or entombment will not be permitted until the balance on the lot, crypt or niche is paid in full. Monuments, crypt or niche plaques, or engraving may not be installed until the balance on the lot, crypt or niche is paid in full. The Cemetery will declare the right of the purchaser forfeited, retain any payments made and resell if the balance is not paid within the terms outlined in this section.

Rules & Regulations Regarding Crypts & Niches

  • Cemetery policy requires that owners observe good taste in artificial floral arrangements.
  • Items may not be affixed to the front of any crypt or cremation niche. Therefore it is suggested that owners use the authorized crypt and niche vases available for sale in the Cemetery office.
  • Items deemed out of compliance will be removed by the Cemetery staff.

Rules & Regulations Regarding Interments

  • No interment can take place without first notifying the Cemetery. Notification must be made 24 hours in advance.
  • All interments will be subject to the regular schedule of charges as made by the Board of Trustees.
  • In all cases of interments in lots when parties making notification are unknown to the Cemetery, a written permit from the lot owner must be presented before a work order is issued.
  • When interments are made in private lots, someone associated with the lot shall designate the exact location they wish the interment to be made. The Cemetery cannot be responsible for any errors which may occur for want of such information.
  • Persons making interment notifications must furnish to the Cemetery the following information: Name, date of birth, place of birth, date of death, place of death, cause of death and a death permit or certificate.
  • No disinterment will be allowed from any lot without permission of the lot owner and the Cemetery.
  • Disinterments will be made at the Cemetery’s discretion. Proper notification and permitting must be provided and all fees must be paid in to the Cemetery prior to the disinterment.
  • When a single grave shall become vacant by any reason, the grave shall revert back to the Cemetery.
  • All full burials must be in a vault approved by the Cemetery.
  • All cremation burials must be in a crush-proof urn or vault approved by the Cemetery.
  • Only one burial, whether full burial or cremation, permitted in a grave space.

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