Monument Sales

Grandview Monument Sales, is located within Grandview Cemetery’s office building. Our Director of Monument Sales, Tom Wiegman, will assist you in the design and size to meet your needs. Your monument can be placed on a lot at Grandview or on a lot in any Cemetery within a 30 mile radius. Design the monument you want on your lot now…in your lifetime.

We have a wide range of customizing options, ensuring that we can create your ideal monument within your budget. Grandview monuments come with a written guarantee.

Call Tom today at 814-244-3069 to set up an appointment. Tom is available to meet at your convenience, at the Cemetery office or in your home to design your monument.

Please note: Grandview Cemetery requires a permit from any monument company or individual wishing to place a monument within Grandview Cemetery. Various types of monuments are permitted or not permitted in certain sections of the cemetery. Please call the cemetery office to confirm if the type and size of monument you desire is allowed.

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