Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What are the gate hours of the Cemetery and hours of the Mausoleums?
A:  The gate of the Cemetery opens at 7:30am, 365 days a year. The gate closes at 5pm 
November 1 through April 30. The gate closes “at dark” May 1 through October 31.
Slight variations may occur due to daylight savings time.
Mausoleums open daily at 7:30am and close at 4pm.

Q:  How much notice do I need to give before a burial can take place?
A:  The office requires a 24 hour notice for all services.

Q:  Can I prepay for the cost of my grave opening?
A:  You cannot prepay opening expenses. The opening, which is the responsibility of the
family, must be paid in full by the day of the service.

Q:   Can I bury a cremation on my own?
A:   No, Cemetery personnel are required to handle all burials. This allows for proper
documentation to be gathered by the Cemetery in order for appropriate data to be   
entered in the Cemetery’s Historic Archives.

Q:  What types of trees or bushes can be planted?
A:  Allowable:  Upright or dwarf evergreen shrubs such as: Arborvitae, Yew, Alberta 
Spruce, Irish Juniper, Boxwood.
Not Permitted: Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Roses, and Deciduous Trees.

Q:  Can I place articles on the face of my Mausoleum crypt or niche?
A:  No, The Cemetery is responsible for the perpetual care of your crypt and/or niche.  
Anything placed on the face prohibits this process from occurring. The rules of  
Grandview Cemetery only allow for the placement of plaques and vases, purchased
from the Cemetery. The Cemetery reserves the right to remove any articles other than
plaques and vases, purchased from the cemetery. Any article removed will be 
identified and taken to Cemetery office.

Q:  Can I obtain a duplicate deed?
A:  Yes, the cost is $100. Duplicate deeds will be mailed within seven days of payment.

Q:  How do I get a flag holder and flag?
A:  Flag holders are provided as a part of a Military Rites Service. Flags are provided at
that time. The Cemetery removes all flags during fall clean up. Veterans’  
Organizations and Scouts place new flags annually prior to Memorial Day in existing
flag holders. The Cemetery places various holders and flags at all Mausoleums to
memorialize Veterans entombed in the Mausoleums.

Q:  Does the Cemetery periodically clean off grave spaces?
A:  Yes, two times a year, usually March and October. The cemetery cleans away all  
plantings at grave spaces.

Q:  Do I need a cremation vault?
A:  Yes, unless you a purchase a marbelon urn from a Funeral Home, a vault is required
for all other urns. Vaults can be purchased from the Cemetery at the time arrangements  
are made for the burial.

Q:  How many cremations can be buried on a grave space?
A:  Only one burial is permitted on a grave space. Example, two grave lots, two burials;
four grave lots, four burials, no matter of the type of burial, full interment or

Q:  Can I sell back a lot or crypt that I have already purchased?
A: The Cemetery does not buy back lots, crypts or niches.

Q;  Are there facilities for indoor services in the event of inclement weather?
A:  Yes, the center areas in two of our Mausoleums are available. Arrangements must be  
made at the same time plans are being scheduled at the Cemetery office. A nominal
fee will be charged.

Please contact the Cemetery office at 814-535-2652 with any question you may have.

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